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Spas, the ideal film set

From Fellini to Bertolucci, Tuscany’s spas inspire cinema



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Spas, the ideal film set

What better place than a spa to relax and think about a new film? And so it was that Guido Anselmi-Marcello Mastroianni, seized by a moment of crisis, unable to find new inspiration, went to Chianciano; there, thinking and thinking again, he looked back over his life, recalling the women he had loved, and finally he was able to face the world once again. It was 1963 and Federico Fellini, who often went to treat himself in the Tuscan town described several times in his correspondence with Simenon – chose the very town of Chianciano to film “8½”. The set was largely built in the studio for budget reasons, but Chianciano appears in the film in all its glory: its piazza, its distinctive alleys and, of course, its spa centre.

Directors would appear to love Tuscany’s spa resorts, evocative places which work their magic. How could one forget Montecatini in “Oci Ciornie” or Bagno Vignoni’s large pool captured by Tarkovsky, who shot “Nostalghia” in the Siena area? Directors who have more recently drawn inspiration from the thermal waters and spa resorts include Bernardo Bertolucci with “Stealing Beauty” and Carlo Verdone. The director from Rome directed himself in “Al Lupo, Al Lupo”, as Gregorio, a musician manqué who has transformed himself into a DJ, along with Sergio Rubini (a successful pianist) and Francesca Neri (a woman who leads a double life) in search of his missing sculptor father. This time the setting was Saturnia.

Another quest awaits the 19-year-old Lucy, the main character in “Stealing Beauty”. On arriving in Tuscany after her mother’s suicide, the girl wishes to find the young Italian man from whom she received her first kiss four years ago.

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