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Uffizi, ten new rooms dedicated to the 16th-century masters

Tapestries and Gothic in upcoming exhibitions

Uffizi, ten new rooms dedicated to the 16th-century masters

After the inauguration last December of eight new ‘blue’ rooms dedicated to works by foreign painters (with paintings by Goya, Velasquez, Brueghel, Van Dyck and Rubens), in June the Uffizi Gallery will be extended once more, with ten newly restored rooms that will become home to sixteenth-century Florentine masterpieces.

Thus affirmed the Museum’s director, Antonio Natali, on the occasion of a meeting held this morning in the gallery. “If everything goes well,” said Mr. Natali, “in June we will have an even bigger gallery, with 10 rooms which we will dedicate to the Florentine masters of the sixteenth century: there will be works by Andrea Del Sarto, Rosso Fiorentino, Pontormo, Bronzino, Allori and Vasari.”

Mr. Natali also announced that two major exhibitions would be held at the Uffizi this year: “the first dedicated to the large Renaissance tapestries in our collection, scheduled for March, and the second on the Gothic international style in painting and sculpture, in June.”

Talking with journalists, Mr. Natali went on to mention the record numbers of visitors recorded last year by the gallery, with around 1,760,000 admissions. “It will be difficult to match it again, although,” he added jokingly, “I’d much rather see a smaller number of people in exchange for greater cultural knowledge on the part of visitors regarding the works that they come to the gallery to admire.” Finally, Mr. Natali marked out for criticism those who, today, “are wont to see museums as purely economic enterprises, which can be evaluated merely in terms of revenues: the truth is that we are talking about such a precious, public asset as culture: therefore, rather than economic entities, museums should be considered on a par with schools and hospitals.”

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